In recent years, the two main areas of industrial activity recording most fatalities and injuries were construction & farming. Even with the current downturn in construction activity, Site Safety is of the utmost importance.

With the current upturn in the economy, there is a significant increase in construction activity and it is expected this will continue into the future.

In it’s published Programme of Works 2021, the HSA has stated that as one of it’s key actions it will :
Increase awareness of information, supports and guidance available on the Authority website to manage risks under the following areas :

  • Occupational Health
  • Biological Agents
  • Migrant and Seasonal Workers
  • Prevention and Resolution of Bullying
  • Work-related Vehicle Safety
  • High risk sectors such as Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Quarrying & Construction

The construction inspection programme focused on a range of issues, including :

The duties of the Client, the Project Supervisor Design Process ( PSDP ) & Project Supervisor Construction Stage ( PSCS ) impose responsibilities on all those involved in construction and compliance with the main 2005 Act, the 2007 Regulations and the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work ( Construction ) Regulations 2013 is being constantly monitored. Site Safety has to be managed in a professional, conscientious and on-going basis to ensure Employees and Others remain accident & injury free while at work.

Q-West Consultants will carry out Site Visits to monitor your compliance with Site Safety, looking at all aspects of the daily routine. A written Report will be provided to you detailing the results of the Site Visit including where improvements need to be addressed.

Site Safety is not restricted to construction but includes any locations where work is being carried out. Safety Audits can be carried out in your factory, shop, hotel, nursing home, supermarket, childcare facility etc.

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