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This virus has shown itself as being very dangerous with over 20 million cases worldwide at time of writing. Here in Ireland we have had 26712 cases and 1772 people unfortunately have died. There are no signs of the virus disappearing, rather, there is evidence that it will continue into the foreseeable future and we will have to live with it until there is a vaccine produced. So, we must follow the advice given to us on a daily basis in order to prevent any further spread of this “thing”. That means maintaining social distancing of 2 metres, wearing facemasks in Shopping Centres, Shops, crowded locations, washing hands frequently, sneezing / coughing into our elbows and avoiding close contact. Another helpful tool is to download the Covid Tracker App and actively use it.

Unfortunately, there will be spikes in numbers across the economy and population which must be tackled vigorously and be focused. The example of New Zealand is a prime example of such an approach until the virus is defeated. It may never be defeated but will be controlled in a similar fashion as SARS, Flu, Aids etc….

The moral of the Insight is to mind yourself & your Family, mind your Employees and protect the general public. Follow the advice and we will come out the other end safely.

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