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This week ( 16 – 20 July ) is Farm Safety Week in Ireland with the HSA promoting a series of health & safety themes during the week, some of which are aimed at Children & Elderly on farms.

This focus follows a concerted effort of Farm Inspections by the HSA since the beginning of 2018. Unfortunately, the farming sector is now the most dangerous area of work for fatalities since the beginning of the year. This week alone, there have been two deaths and at least two more very serious incidents resulting in injuries to farmers.

2018 is the final year of a 3 year Action Plan by the HSA & the Farm Advisory Committee aimed at raising awareness of Farm Safety. Teagasc has a big part to play in this Safety Programme and both themselves & the HSA are to be congratulated and commended for their efforts. Please be careful on your farm !

This week the emphasis is placed on

  • Vehicles & Machinery
  • Livestock
  • Young & Elderly
  • Forestry, and a series of
  • Other Hazards such as Falls & Collapses, Slurry & Water Safety, Fire, Electricity & Chemicals, Manual Handling, Slips, Trips & Falls, Timber Work and Farmer Health.
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