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I’m still surprised at the low level of safety awareness in the workplace. You might ask what is a “workplace” ? It is basically defined as a place where work is being carried out, and , in general terms, people are being paid for what they are doing. But what about the voluntary / volunteering sector ? Do they not carry out “work” in places and organisations like Angling Clubs, Tidy Towns, Meals on Wheels, Community Alert Groups etc…. ? In many of these voluntary activities, there are dangers, hazards & risks and people can be injured on their “corporate works of mercy”.

I have been asked if such activities require the development and production of a Safety Statement, which involves Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control Measurements ( Safety Precautions )  and pinning responsibilities. My reply is generally in the affirmative. Insurance companies may insist on delivery of or sight of a safety statement before they issue cover.

Another question asked is about the responsibility of Committees, Trustees etc…. in matters of health & safety. I would contend that duly elected Committees have such responsibility and where there are Trustees overseeing the proper running of a Club, Organisation etc… that the Trustees are responsible. They may task the Committee to address this matter but responsibility is being only delegated not abrogated.

So, I am posting this Blog just as a piece for thought !

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